#27. Umm…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Today was just another average day. I wish something fun and exciting wiuld happen. Its extremely frustrating sitting ariund and waiting for the next big thing.

27. What do you do when life gets you down in the dumps?

Gonna start numbering my posts, think it’ll work out nicely.


#26. Blinding pain

Do you ever feel like you are being targeted by the world? Like everything will come down on you in a cosmetic explosion of rath and missery?

26. What do you do to stop the pain?

Is there any real way of stopping it…

Also, side note, should i number my questions? I think that’d be cool!

#24. Resolution?

New year… New beginning…

Doesn’t feel any different, does it? I don’t understnad why or how people go into the new year expecting bigger and better things, then giving up on those miniture hopes and dreams they harbored within fifteen days.

It makes no sense.

But if we are being realistic here, wouldn’t it be cool to actually pull off a New Years resolution?

So my question for the beginning of the year:

24. What is your resolution, and can you stay dedicated and pull it off?

Comment below, and I hope you all have a great year, and an amazing future!

#21. Vent Session, Mental Breakdown

People are literally shit heads, sorry for my language, but wow.

You wanna feel my anger through words? Listen to this.

Walking around in sweet old Wal-Matt and this guy, around my age, bumps into me and pushes me down. Umm, ow! What makes it worse?

EVERYONE LOOKED AWAY! And the jerk who pushed me down laughed, smirked a jerk smirk, and walked his happy little butt away.

I sat on the ground a good few minutes before standing up, because I am not good in humiliating situations, and I almost had a break down right there in the middle of the isle in the store.

Wanna know what I’m curious about? It’s not even about how you handle rude people:

21. How do you come back from a humiliating situation?

I’m sorry guys… I just need to take a deep breath. Comment below, I really need help.